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January 11, 2009

The Vision
Digital Art “The Vision” © courtesy of TreVizionz.

We have the very great fortune
to have an Advanced Master with us here to teach,
a Representative of the Hierarchy,
carrying out their will on Earth,
and a Representative of
the Great White Brotherhood and Sisterhood,
Mark Ansara.

I’m very glad that you are here and hope that you wish to learn many things that could change your life and all those around you significantly for the better!

Please visit our “About” WordPress page with this link:

“A Message Of Hope For The World”, About

to view our related sites, primarily to study the thoughts in our Flickr show, describing the special mission and predictions of Mark Ansara, and our urgent need to dramatically increase our sustainable and caring responsibilities to ourselves, all other beings, all creatures and all of nature, as stewards of this planet.

Comment here, if you wish, on what you are about to discover!

Then pre-register for Mark’s webinars and teleseminars, asking any questions your heart desires and bring along your friends, family and loved ones!!!

I’m inviting you to co-create our

New Golden Age of Humanity!

Love and Light,

Dianne Knight, B.A. (Fine Arts)  


“A Message Of Hope For The World”
Mark Ansara Webinars

© Dianne Knight. All rights reserved.

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